For Agents

Regaining The Power of Data

Off-Market Consultants is currently the exclusive brokerage utilizing the LuxMatch technology. LuxMatch is a next generation search platform to expedite search for buyers and increase the amount of properties that may be interested in selling in a private capacity. LuxMatch allows in-house agents the opportunity to help expedite the matching process for the growing buyer pool for off-market properties. Luxury agents who have a proven track record are recommended to inquire below.

Off-Market Consultant Agents Receive Access to:

  • The full Luxmatch search capabilities and dataset repository.
  • The growing buyer request inventory
  • The protected property location and information seller repository
  • The full toolbox of Luxmatch functions
  • Equity sharing opportunities

Agent Login To Luxmatch: ACCESS HERE

Land Defined Inc. DBA “Off-Market Consultants” is a NYS, Corporately Licensed Real Estate Brokerage: #10311207858