For Sellers

LuxMatch offers sellers the flexibility of choosing to market their property in a private capacity. LuxMatch matches buyers to their ideal property and lifestyle, not through an exact physical address, but through a matching process using the most desirable hyper local attributes of a property. In this way, luxury sellers are able to protect their property location as well as the following:

Seller Benefits:

  • Days on Market Protection
  • Hyper Local Specificity & Vetting Equals Higher Sale Conversion
  • Price Change, Personal & Property Information Protection
  • Discover of Luxury Buyer’s Most Desired Attributes
  • Freely Test Drive The Market
  • Transition To On Market With Insight

You can start the process by visiting the LuxMatch Seller Platform here. You can claim your property, choose what type of seller option best suits you, and help offer buyers highly insightful search criteria, after a discussion with our exclusive brokerage partner. Our NYS licensed brokerage, Off-Market Consultants will be in contact with you shortly to clearly depict the opportunity, protection and privacy offered. Feel free to contact us here as well.